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Triax Para Protection System - LNB protection system at Backoffice

Triax Para Protection System - LNB protection system

This product is no longer available.
Mist, rain, snow, hoarfrost, road dust and pollen that lays on the LNBs, can make a reduction in quality of the TV- pictures. The most exposed systems are the digital ones, because the problems may cause the TV- pictures to totally disappear. Lots of users have also experienced that water and moisture penetrate the LNBs and result in considerable damages. The result is that the LNBs must be changed. The product is simple. A bowed perspex-sheet, held to the LNB-arm, gives the LNBs very effective protection against bad weather and climate. The result: the picture quality becomes considerably increased. The Para Protection System is simply mounted by few screws in a couple of minutes. And it needs neither maintenance nor service. This Para Protection System fits all Triax TD and Basic dishes.

Product DescriptionTriax Para Protection System LNB protection system
Product TypeLNB protection system


Product TypeLNB protection system